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A Tentative Compromise is Reached


At the February 7th hearing on the San Fernando Mission Blvd/Woodley project, a compromise was reached in principle. Harridge Development has two weeks to submit a new design. Everyone will then have two weeks after that to submit comments, suggestions, and objections to the city planner.

Here is the summary of what Councilmember Englander said about the proposed compromise:

Two main choices:
300 apartments or 330 condos
(the differential is probably to provide incentive to build condos, which cost more and don’t provide a steady stream of revenue).

For either option:

  • Move Woodley driveway south 40 ft, as previously offered, buffered from the school by landscape only, to provide sight lines; right turn only
  • Put in a median on Woodley (must be approved by LADOT). Prevents more dangerous left turns and prevents northbound residents from entering that way, so number of cars are decreased).
  • Do a new geological study including drilling new soil test wells closer to Bull Creek, by independent consultant
  • Do a revised Traffic study by independent consultant
  • Provide a community room
  • Height maximum 45′ as in the Specific Plan (and better if lower in front)
  • Change “very low income” units to “moderate low income”.
  • No studios (this one was softer, maybe allow 20 depending on design)
  • Keep the record open for comments for 2 weeks after submitted.

Harridge picked the option for condos, which was one of the main points heard from neighbors because of “pride of ownership” – if you own a property you tend to take better care of it.

At around February 22 we should have the new design to review, though this might slip by a couple of days.

We are working on setting up a meeting after the new documents are available, and we will notify you.

PUBLIC HEARING on 440 Apartment Project – Tuesday, February 7


Public Hearing on 440 Apartment Project at San Fernando Mission and Woodley Ave


Tuesday, February 7 at 11 AM
Marvin Braude Constituent Center, 1st floor
6262 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Video from the Stop 440 Community Meeting

440 facebook thumbnail

How would you respond to a threat of your very way of life?
Many residents of Granada Hills are preparing to defend their lifestyle – the suburban setting, the single family homes, the yards, the view of the mountains, all at a relatively affordable price.

Harridge Development is proposing a very dense, very massive mixed-use project at the corner of San Fernando Mission and Woodley Avenue, with 440 apartments over retail space.
This will bring rapid urbanization, with its problems of traffic, parking issues, overcrowding of schools and public services.

The Stop440 Alliance has brought together the community to fight against it — too big, too much, too dense. Reasonable developement there would be accepted, but this feels like bringing downtown to the suburbs — it just doesn’t fit!

This meeting raised funds to pay for land-use experts to help in the fight, and discussed strategies for the one and only public hearing scheduled by the City, February 7th at 10;45 AM, at 6262 Van Nuys Blvd, 91401.

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Notes on January 13 Meeting with Councilmember Englander


Present at the meeting were Councilmember Englander, Deputy for Land Use Hannah Lee, and other members of CD12 staff; representatives of the developer – Marc Annotti,COO; an attorney; and Erika Iversen of Rosenheim & Associates, a land-use consulting firm.

Also present were representatives of the Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC); of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council (GHSNC); the Old Granada Hills Residents’ Group (OGHRG); and of the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of the meeting was apparently for Mr Englander to try to bring representatives of the developer and the community closer together in their views of the project.

The councilmember said the developer claims that the project meets the “by right” criteria for the location and the zoning. (see, “Developer’s Rationale Attachment A). No changes to the Specific Plan (copy available on or the Community Plan are requested. No zoning change is required.  Read more »

STOP 440 – What’s Next?


Next community meeting: Tuesday, January 24th, 6:30 PM

Granada Hills Women’s Club
10666 White Oak Avenue
Granada Hills, CA 91344

The proposal for a mixed-use development at San Fernando Mission and Woodly has sparked a strong neighborhood reaction.

On Friday January 13, Councilmember Englander met with the developer and some neighborhood representatives (the two neighborhood councils and the Chamber). This effort to decrease the size of the proposed development and to bring the two sides closer together, succeeded only partially.

The developer offered to decrease by a net of 50 apartments, and also changing the mix so that the decrease came from the number of studio apartments. The driveway near the school would also be moved and be separated by a landscape berm, affording greater visibility to cars entering and leaving. The moving of the driveway would also result in the loss of about 2,000 sq ft of commercial space.

The neighborhood representatives did not find this to be sufficient change, so another meeting is to be set. The expectation is that the developer will consider what he heard and come up with perhaps another proposal.

There is a request to move the February 7th hearing date to early April, but the developer must agree. We hope to find out this week what the final date will be.

The topics to be considered at the hearing have broadened to a discussion of the whole project, not just the possible merging of the underlying parcels.

Since this will be the ONLY public hearing (except perhaps for appeals), and since there is an expectation that each speaker will have a very limited time (1 to 2 minutes depending on the number of speakers), it is essential to coordinate efforts so that all topics are covered. That is the main purpose of the meeting January 24th – to coordinate who will speak on what topic.

For participation at some of the neighbor outreach efforts, and to participate in these programs, please contact Esther Chung at [email protected].

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