Los Angeles Marathon – Sunday, March 19

The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is tomorrow! The “Stadium to the Sea” 26.2 mile course takes runners throughout our great City past many iconic landmarks. Various streets along the marathon route will be closed by 3:15 a.m. on March 19, then reopen as early as 10:15 a.m., depending on the location. Streets will reopen by region because of the size and complexity of the event route. Numerous agencies, including the California Department of Transportation and the City of Los Angeles Police and Fire departments were consulted in the planning process and agree that the finalized plan is the best way to accommodate all of the parties involved. Come out to cheer on the runners and enjoy the community aspect of this 32 year Los Angeles event!

Senate Committee to vote on SB 57 this Tuesday 21 and we need YOU to help!

From our friends at the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council:

We Need YOUR Help to Tell Senate Committee Members to Support SB 57 WITHOUT Amendments

This Tuesday (March 21), the State Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communications will vote on Senate Bill 57 (SB 57), which calls for holding off on the re-opening of the Aliso Canyon facility until the cause of the catastrophic well failure in the fall of 2015 is known and made public.

SB 57 is an urgency measure by State Senators Henry Stern and Bob Hertzberg to hold off on the re-opening of the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility until state regulators have completed an investigation to determine the root cause of the leak.

WHAT: Senate Committee Meeting and Vote on SB 57
WHEN: 9:00 AM; Tuesday, March 21, 2017
WHERE: State Capitol, Room 3191
SB 57 has broad bi-partisan support including State Senators Ben Allen (D) and Scott Wilk (R), Assemblyman Dante Acosta (R), the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the Los Angeles City Council.

However, amendments that are clearly pushed for by the Gas Company are being inserted into the Bill that would basically render it meaningless. The amendments would remove the need to know the cause for the well failure before the field opens, and would leave it solely to DOGGR and PUC to make the call on the re-opening of the field and the amount of gas they can inject into it.

It is IMPERATIVE that the Bill passes through the committee without these amendments, and we need YOUR HELP to make that happen.


The following are the committee members and the phone numbers to their offices:

Senator Ben Hueso (Chair), SD40. (916) 651-4040
Senator Mike Morell (Vice Chair), SD23. (916) 651-4023
Senator Steven Bradford, SD35. (916) 651-4035
Senator Anthony Cannella, SD12. (916) 651-4012
Senator Jeryy Hill, SD13. (916) 651-4013
Senator Mike McGuire, SD02. (916) 651-4002
Senator Nancy Skinner, SD09. (916) 651-4009
Senator Andy Vidak, SD14. (916) 651-4014
Senator Scott Weiner, SD11. He is a co-author of the bill, so please just call to say THANK YOU. (916) 651-4011

Please call as many of the committee members as you can, and impress on them the need to support SB 57 without the absurd amendments. Let them know how it is unconscionable that this facility can re-open before they know what went wrong! Let them know that there are real people and real families that continue to be affected by this leaking facility.

It is our understand that you can view the hearing live here.

Ensuring a Safe Future for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory Site

Beginning in the 1940s the federal government conducted rocket and nuclear testing activities at the Santa Susana Field Lab in Ventura County with substantial disregard for the environment.  One of its nuclear reactors experienced a partial nuclear meltdown in 1959, and two other reactors experienced accidents with significant fuel damage, causing releases of radioactivity into the air.

In addition to napalm and dioxin incineration in open-air burn pits, dumping of over 500,000 gallons of trichloroethylene and perchlorate, and other contamination from over the 50 years of operations, the site has been left highly polluted with radioactive and chemical contaminants. The parties responsible for cleaning up the Santa Susana Field Lab are: The Department of Energy (DOE), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Boeing Company.

In 2010, a legally binding cleanup agreement called the Administrative Orders on Consent (AOC), were entered into by NASA and the Department of Energy with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. The AOC requires all of the detectable radioactive and chemical contamination at their Santa Susana Field Lab operations be cleaned up to background levels similar to those before the site was contaminated. Read more »

Free Document Shredding in Granada Hills – Sunday, April 22

Saturday, April 22, 2017
9:00 am – 11:30 am

Knollwood Plaza
11846 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

  • 5 banker’s box maximum per household.
  • Please stay with your items until they are shredded.
  • NO wet items or VHS tapes as they will clog the machine!
  • You are responsible for unloading your own items from your vehicle.
  • Up to five CD/DVD or computer discs per household.
  • Paper clips, staples, three-ring binders, and hanging file folders are all OK!

Go Vote on Tuesday

On Tuesday, March 7, another important local election will take place. LA area voters will head back to the polls to cast ballots on city and county measures, and Angelenos will vote on citywide offices, on City Council races in odd-numbered districts, and for Los Angeles Unified School District board members and Los Angeles Community College District trustees. The people we elect and the issues at stake will impact the future of our neighborhoods now and in the years to come.

What’s on the Ballot?
At the County level, voters will decide on Measure H, a quarter-cent sales tax increase to fund supportive services for the homeless. In the City of Los Angeles, there are a number of ballot measures on which we must vote, including Proposition M (to enact a regulatory and enforcement framework for commercial cannabis activity), Charter Amendment P (to increase the maximum term for franchises, concessions, permits, licenses and leases that may be entered into by the Harbor Department) and Measure S. Click here for a list of all the March 7 ballot measures.

Click here for a voter guide explaining the local measures.

Find Your Polling Place
If you intend to cast your ballot in-person on Election Day, click here to find your polling location www.lavote.net/Locator. The link also takes you to sample ballots in a host of different languages. Remember, polls are open on March 7 from 7 am to 8 pm.
Your Vote Matters
Please go out and vote. It matters. Our democracy relies on the participation of all of its members to thrive and survive. This election presents another vital opportunity for the people to shape the future of our great city.

Budapest Drops 2024 Olympic Bid; LA and Paris Alone in the Race

The contest to host the 2024 Summer Olympics is down to two contenders — Los Angeles and Paris — after Budapest withdrew its bid Wednesday, according to international media reports. Long thought to be the top contenders, Los Angeles and Paris will continue vying for the honor.

Budapest has had waning public support for the bid in recent weeks whereas Los Angeles has gone full court press in the effort to impress the selection committee.

“As LA 2024 enters the international campaign, it’s important for us as a city to remember just what we’re bidding for: the world’s greatest sporting event, significant economic benefits, and a chance to place L.A.’s extraordinary creativity and innovation at the service of the Olympic Movement,” Mayor Eric Garcetti has said. “But perhaps above all else, Los Angeles is bidding to unite the youth of the world in friendship and peace through sport in 2024.”  Read more »