Granada Hills’ Fire Station 18 to Lose Their Ambulance at Night?

Local Councilman Greig Smith’s Response to the City’s Budget Dilemma:

Greig SmithDear Friend:

It has come to my attention that there has been some misunderstanding about certain proposed reductions in the Fire Department as part of the City’s efforts to close the $212 million budget shortfall.

We received messages from community members in Porter Ranch, Granada Hills and West Hills voicing concern about a proposal from the L.A. Fire Department to reduce the BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance to 12 hours a day at Fire Stations #8 in Porter Ranch, Station #18 in Granada Hills, and Station #106 on Roscoe Blvd. in West Hills (which is in District 3 but serves part of our area).

I sincerely understand this concern. As an LAPD Reserve Officer, I serve as a first responder myself, and the last thing that I would support is a cut that would affect emergency services.

However, it has been incorrectly stated that this was my proposal. This proposal was made by the Fire Department, and was brought forward to the Police and Fire Efficiencies Working Group as one of the means to meet the goal set for budget reductions in the Fire Department.

When the Fire Department presented this package of proposed reductions, Fire Chief Millage Peaks stated that he did not want to do this, but that it was the “easiest to suggest.” I served as the moderator of the Police and Fire Efficiencies Working Group and the group forwarded this proposal as part of several options. The City Administrative Officer then created a report recommending that proposal to the City Council. It was not my proposal. In fact, the Fire Chief has full authority over Fire Department deployment and could do this now without our approval.

The Chief’s proposal states that Fire Stations #8, #18 and #106 will lose the BLS (Basic Life Support) ambulance for 12 hours a day at a time during which there are the lowest number of calls.

Station #8 gets only 2.2 calls a day in total, and less than one call per day during the affected time frame. Station #18 gets 3.8 calls per day and 1.4 calls during the affected time frame. Station #106 gets 2 calls per day and less than one call during the affected time frame.

( note: The nightly average stated above is equal to 511 calls at night per year for the GHNNC area.)

The engine and the ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances from Station #96 in Chatsworth, Station #70 in Northridge, and Station #87 in Granada Hills will continue to cover the Porter Ranch and Granada Hills area as they have. The West Hills area will continue to be covered by Station #28 in Porter Ranch and #105 in Woodland Hills.

Finally, there has been some concern raised in the community about the Fire Department wanting to retain the Battalion Chiefs’ Staff Assistants whose functions include driving them to fire calls, and a feeling that they should be cut before reducing ambulance services.

The Fire Department and the Firefighters Union (UFLAC) both have fought vigorously against taking away the Staff Assistants. The City Council will consider the issue of whether we should eliminate service of 10 ambulances for 12 hours a day in very low-use areas, or eliminate the full-time Staff Assistants serving Battalion Chiefs.

I anticipate that eventually both will be gone, at least temporarily. But I am interested in hearing the community’s point of view in the debate at this time.

I hope this clarifies my position, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. (Click to email the Councilman)

Councilman, Twelfth District

March 2, 2010 Election Results (OFFICIAL)

GHNNC would like to thank all of the voters who showed up to the Election at our office. We were so excited to see a couple hundred stakeholders there!

The following results are final results that have been posted on the City Clerk’s website. We are now in a challenge period and will be fully certified should we pass the challenge period without and challenges.  We will keep you posted.

Click here for the Official List at the L.A. City Clerk’s website.

Neighborhood Council Funding Update

Your Voice is Urgently Needed!

Council to Consider NC Recommendations Today at 10 am

The City Council is set to consider, among other issues, five sweeping motions approved this week by the committee that oversees Neighborhood Council (NC) policy. On Tuesday, the Councilman Paul Krekorian-led Education and Neighborhoods Committee sent five recommendations to the City Council which set in  motion a series of regulations to increase NC efficiency and transparency. Those recommendations – tomorrow’s motions – can be seen here (.pdf) and a detailed account is here.

You can watch the meeting on Channel 35, online or by calling one of the phone numbers below to listen to the meeting in progress:

  • Downtown (213) 621-CITY (2489)
  • San Pedro (310) 547-CITY (2489)
  • West Los Angeles (310) 471-CITY (2489)
  • Van Nuys (818) 904-9450

THIS IS IT.  This week, the L.A. City Council WILL VOTE on drastically cutting Neighborhood Councils annual funding and may take ALL NC rollover funds back.  DONE staff will probably be cut at least in HALF, from around 38 to 19.

RIGHT NOW, we need to E-MAIL AND CALL the City’s Education and Neighborhoods Committee Members, because of the Monday holiday and because they’re meeting FIRST THING Tuesday morning.  Their staffs are working NOW, this weekend, on NC issues.

E-mail Chair Paul Krekorian, Vice-Chair Dennis Zine, and Janice Hahn at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. They can be called at (Paul Krekorian) 213-473-7002; (Dennis Zine) 213-473-7003; and (Janice Hahn) 213-473-7015.

If you took the time to write an email to these three Council Members (or if you’re planning on it), why not send it to all of the City Council Members, their chiefs of staff, and Mayor Villaraigosa? GHNNC has made it easy for you to do: just send your email to the list we have created at [email protected], and your letter will be automatically forwarded to all of them!

BudgetLA, a group of many NC Board Members and other NC Stakeholders from around the City, has a plan to SAVE MONEY for the City, SAVE THE NC SYSTEM, and RE-ORGANIZE DONE to better serve NCs.  See the website for the latest information and wording to use in your City Councilmember contacts, so we all present a unified message.

Also see and FULL City Council meets this THURSDAY MORNING THE 18TH at 10:00 a.m. downtown at the same location, L.A. City Hall, Room 340, 200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles.  The Neighborhood Council Agenda Items will be heard some time after that.

If you can get away for some hours THURSDAY the 18th, drive, carpool, train, bus, bike, do what you can to get to City Hall – with as many others as you can – to help save the NC System.

The City Council intends to take our rollover funds and cut next year’s funding in half at next Tuesday’s meeting

A Letter from the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition 

Our Neighborhood Council System is Under Attack

 We deserve a fair hearing before the City Council takes our current rollover funds and restricts our ability to carry out our Charter mandated functions.

 We need to have these agenda items referred to the E&N Committee where we can have a fair and open hearing and where NC members can have more than one minute to say why we should not lose our past rollover funds and future funding.

10:00 A.M. 

Items for Which Public Hearings Have Not Been Held – Items 11-18

(10 Votes Required for Consideration)

ITEM NO. (11) – Motion Required

09-0600-S159 COMMUNICATION FROM CITY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER relative to a Three Year Plan to Fiscal Sustainability.

Recommendations for Council action,


18. ELIMINATE the Neighborhood Council “rollover” policy and TRANSFER all suspended “rollover” funds totaling $1.61 million to the Reserve Fund.

19. ELIMINATE the Neighborhood Council bank card system and convert to a demand warrant system.

20. INSTRUCT and REQUEST as appropriate, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), City Attorney and CAO to evaluate and redefine allowable expenditure categories for Neighborhood Council funds.

21. INSTRUCT the General Manager, DONE to issue a memo to the Neighborhood Councils regarding a proposed 50 percent reduction to the annual allocation amount for 2010-11.

We need you to be at the City Council meeting next Tuesday.  Fill out a speaker card for agenda item number 11.  Even if you don’t intend to speak, fill out a card so they know we’re there.

The LANCC meets Saturday, 10:00 AM at 6501 Fountain Ave in Hollywood (a few blocks west of Vine St.)

GHNNC Elections Coming Soon!

GHNNC Election Ad

The Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC) has been actively seeking individuals who are interested in serving their community.  There are currently over 30 individuals who have signed up to run as Candidates.  These Candidates are volunteers.  We do not get a salary, we do not get a car, and the only perk we get is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that we are making a huge difference in our community!

You will have an opportunity to meet all of the Candidates at our informal Candidate Forum which will be held on February 22, 2010.  This Candidate forum will take place immediately after the GHNNC’s General Meeting.   The General Meeting will start at 6:00 PM, with the Candidate Forum following at 7:00 PM. You will have a chance to meet the Candidates, hear directly from them about their views of the community, what their future goals for GHNNC will be, and ask questions about issues that concern you.  You can see the list of Candidates below (on this web page).

Elections will take place on March 2, 2010 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the GHNNC Office which is located at 11139 Woodley Avenue, Granada Hills, in the Albertsons Shopping Center.  Please be prepared to state the nature of your interest in GHNNC and bring proof to show you are a stakeholder. Some acceptable forms are driver’s license, pay stub, property tax bill, utility bill, tuition statement, church statement, etc.

We invite and encourage all GHNNC Stakeholders to come out and vote for your Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council.   Your vote is important.  Your vote will make a difference.  Put these two important dates on your calendar and make 2010 the year you get involved in your neighborhood!

Official List of GHNNC Election Candidates

List of Candidates who will appear on the Official Ballot with statements from the candidates

District 1 Representative
RAFAEL M. GARCIA (statement)
District 2 Representative
RAHIM KAZI (statement)
District 3 Representative
ANNE ZILIAK (statement)
KIM THOMPSON (statement)
ERIC T. ROSENBERG (statement)
CARL BUETTNER (statement)
SUE DEVANDRY (statement)
WILLIAM J. HOPKINS, JR. (statement)
JOE A. VITTI (statement)
RAY B. POLLOK (statement)
LEON F. MARZILLIER (statement)
SCOTT A. MANATT (statement)
Educational Representative
Faith-Based Representative
RALPH E. KROY (statement)
Neighborhood Organizations Representative
JAN H. SUBAR (statement)
Parks Representative
Student Representative
Youth Group Representative
GARY L. HOLMEN (statement)

List of Write-In Candidates and their statements

District 3 Representative
Environmental Representative
1 88 89 90 91 92 95
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