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Interested in Participating on the GHNNC Board?

We are actively looking for candidates interested in serving on our board for the following positions:

  1. Small Business and Worker
  2. District 2
  3. Parks Representative

Information on the positions can be found on our website, or people interested can e-mail the President, Kim Thompson at [email protected].  The first step is filling out a stakeholder verification form, also found on our website under “Resources” -> “Downloadable Documents”, and sending it to Kim Thompson.

March 2, 2010 Election Results (OFFICIAL)

GHNNC would like to thank all of the voters who showed up to the Election at our office. We were so excited to see a couple hundred stakeholders there!

The following results are final results that have been posted on the City Clerk’s website. We are now in a challenge period and will be fully certified should we pass the challenge period without and challenges.  We will keep you posted.

Click here for the Official List at the L.A. City Clerk’s website.

GHNNC Elections Coming Soon!

GHNNC Election Ad

The Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC) has been actively seeking individuals who are interested in serving their community.  There are currently over 30 individuals who have signed up to run as Candidates.  These Candidates are volunteers.  We do not get a salary, we do not get a car, and the only perk we get is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that we are making a huge difference in our community!

You will have an opportunity to meet all of the Candidates at our informal Candidate Forum which will be held on February 22, 2010.  This Candidate forum will take place immediately after the GHNNC’s General Meeting.   The General Meeting will start at 6:00 PM, with the Candidate Forum following at 7:00 PM. You will have a chance to meet the Candidates, hear directly from them about their views of the community, what their future goals for GHNNC will be, and ask questions about issues that concern you.  You can see the list of Candidates below (on this web page).

Elections will take place on March 2, 2010 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the GHNNC Office which is located at 11139 Woodley Avenue, Granada Hills, in the Albertsons Shopping Center.  Please be prepared to state the nature of your interest in GHNNC and bring proof to show you are a stakeholder. Some acceptable forms are driver’s license, pay stub, property tax bill, utility bill, tuition statement, church statement, etc.

We invite and encourage all GHNNC Stakeholders to come out and vote for your Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council.   Your vote is important.  Your vote will make a difference.  Put these two important dates on your calendar and make 2010 the year you get involved in your neighborhood!

Official List of GHNNC Election Candidates

List of Candidates who will appear on the Official Ballot with statements from the candidates

District 1 Representative
RAFAEL M. GARCIA (statement)
District 2 Representative
RAHIM KAZI (statement)
District 3 Representative
ANNE ZILIAK (statement)
KIM THOMPSON (statement)
ERIC T. ROSENBERG (statement)
CARL BUETTNER (statement)
SUE DEVANDRY (statement)
WILLIAM J. HOPKINS, JR. (statement)
JOE A. VITTI (statement)
RAY B. POLLOK (statement)
LEON F. MARZILLIER (statement)
SCOTT A. MANATT (statement)
Educational Representative
Faith-Based Representative
RALPH E. KROY (statement)
Neighborhood Organizations Representative
JAN H. SUBAR (statement)
Parks Representative
Student Representative
Youth Group Representative
GARY L. HOLMEN (statement)

List of Write-In Candidates and their statements

District 3 Representative
Environmental Representative

Congratulations to GHNNC Board Member, Joe Vitti

GHNNCJoe Vitti at the Awards Banquet congratulates Joe Vitti on receiving a “Leaders of Character” Award from Learning for Life, Western Los Angeles County Council. His accomplishments and contributions to our neighborhood are many, including:

  • Joe actively participated in the formation and certification of GHNNC from 2001 – 2003.
  • He was elected to the GHNNC Board in 2003 and serves on several committees.
  • In 2006 he was appointed by Councilman Greig Smith to serve on the Neighborhood Council Review Board as a commissioner representing the 12th Council District.
  • Joe is the GHNNC representative to the L.A. Department of Water and Power and participated in the development of the precedent-setting LA-DWP-NC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in April of 2005.
  • Joe currently represents GHNNC at the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC).
  • Joe has been an active board member of the Granada Hills Chamber since 2002 and is presently serving on the boards for Los Angeles Mission College Foundation and Mid-Valley Family YMCA.
  • Joe Vitti, a Valley VOTE member since 1998, has served as Valley VOTE’s President since 2003. He has guided Valley VOTE’s members and committees in developing positions and preparing reports on key quality-of-life issues facing Valley residents and the citizens of Los Angeles. Joe has been a major driver behind Valley VOTE’s mission, to “empower the people of the San Fernando Valley and the City of Los Angeles to improve local governance, education and public participation on policy matters.”

Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Approves GHNNC Boundary Petition

To All Interested Stakeholders –

We are pleased to report that, at Monday October 19th’s 11:30am meeting in City Hall, BONC approved the Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council’s Boundary Adjustment Petition.

This means that the GHNNC’s western boundary now extends to the western edge of Aliso Canyon, overlapping the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council’s boundary, which reaches the eastern edge of the canyon.

Despite the extremely short notice, four GHHNC Stakeholders managed to make it to the meeting. A big “thank you” to Eric Rosenberg, Sue DeVandry, Kim Thompson, and Barbara Iversen for their time and essential support!

We’re confident that all GHNNC Stakeholders look forward to collaborating with the PRNC on issues that affect both of our Neighborhood Councils, and believe our respective organizations have been strengthened by this alliance.

The bottom line is that Aliso Canyon wins, now having the formal oversight of two Neighborhood Councils.

GHNNC is represented well among Valley Regional Congress award winners

Scott ManattBudget & Finance Chair of the Year
Scott Manatt, Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council
Sue DeVandryOutreach Chair of the Year
Sue DeVandry, Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council

Thank you for all the hard work that you have done as well as the work that you are currently doing for our council.

The city of Granada Hills (including the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council and the Granada Hills Rotary Club) took 5 awards out of 18 across the entire San Fernando Valley, so we did very well.

These award winners were honored at the Valley Regional Congress Event luncheon on Saturday, May 30th.

GHNNC Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC) obtained certification from the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) on September 10, 2002. After two years of discussing the NC system, our community decided it would be a great idea and would eventually be a very useful tool. We  held our first organizing meeting in June, 2001.  It was a long and arduous process and there were many community members who contributed hours upon hours of volunteer work to get every aspect of the expectations and procedures of BONC completed, organized and done properly.  We felt then and still feel that our community is special; therefore we took time to try and make it the most fair and best Neighborhood Council we could be.

There are many stakeholders and board members or former board members who should be thanked for being there from the very first organizing meeting and worked so incredibly hard; without them it wouldn’t have been able to happen. In alphabetical order, these people were the most instrumental in starting this brand new City branch of community-based government – they were either on the steering committee, quickly took over other committees, and helped get the word out to everyone within our boundaries and to other citywide NC’s.  Some of them got elected to the first board and others either still sit on the board or have stayed involved:  Wayne Aller, Teresa Anderson, Becky Bendikson, Dave Bendikson, Patrick Casparian, Greg Chaussee, Karen Chaussee, Mary Ellen Crosby, Rick Driscoll, Mary Edwards, Ginger Fong, Sid Gold, Michael Greenwald, David Hood, Harriet Hood, Wayde Hunter, Joshua Jordahl, Mary Anna Kienholz, Frank Kiesler, Vaune Kirby, Ralph Kroy, Scott Manatt, Sharon Manatt, Cherie Mann, Dave Parikh, Ben Pedrick, Bob Ricketts, Sheva, Susan Tipton, Kim Thompson, Joe Vitti, Nicole Wilkin, Donna Zero, Tony Zero, and Anne Ziliak in addition to all of the former and current board members.

At the BONC meeting on December 2, 2008, we were given our 5-year certificate from BONC (one year late). At the meeting, Leon Marzillier and Kim Thompson reported on Best Practices learned from other NC’s, what we feel we’ve done successfully and where we felt we were lacking. Some members and stakeholders were there during the meeting. Congratulations to everyone involved in GHNNC!

GHNNC accepting our award