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Councilman Smith Introduces Motion to Kill Massive Las Lomas Development

Los Angeles – Councilman Greig Smith introduced a motion Wednesday, Feb. 6, signed by seven Councilmembers, the maximum allowed, to make a policy decision to stop the massive Las Lomas development. It allows the City to dictate its future land use, and not leave it up to developers to determine.

“This project has been lurking in the dark corners of City Hall for nearly a decade,” said Councilman Smith, whose District is next to the proposed development site and would suffer immeasurable negative impacts from it. “It’s time to finally take them out of the shadows and stop this project for good.”

The motion states: Las Lomas Land Company wants to expand the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles by annexing County-Unincorporated territory, 2/3 of which is located outside the City of Los Angeles’ Sphere of Influence (SOI) in order to build a massive development at the confluence of five major freeways.

Unlike proposed projects located within the boundaries of the City, whereby the City must process the project, proposed projects outside of the City boundaries require a policy decision pursuant to the City Charter.

In six years since the project surfaced, the City has not made a formal policy decision on whether it wants to expand the City of Los Angeles in order to build the Las Lomas project and provide the necessary resources to service this new “mini-city.” These resources include, but are not limited to: water, sewer, police and fire, power and public works services.

In light of the information presented to the Budget & Finance Committee that questions the appropriateness of a supplemental fee agreement prior to a policy decision being made by the City;

I THEREFORE MOVE that all work on the proposed Las Lomas project stops until the aforementioned policy decision is made by the City Council.

I FURTHER MOVE that the Council pursuant to the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) section 12.35, which states: “.The Council may establish specific zoning by ordinance for land or territory to be annexed.” make the policy decision whether or not to pre-zone the land area before any supplemental fee agreement be considered.

I FURTHER MOVE that if the Council votes not to pre-zone the land portion within the City’s Sphere of Influence that all City Departments immediately cease and desist all work associated with the Las Lomas Development by the Las Lomas Land Company, LLC and return all materials submitted by the Developer.

I FURTHER MOVE that if the City should decide to move forward with the Las Lomas project then prior to negotiating or entering into a supplemental fee agreement, the City shall obtain an opinion from all relevant governmental agencies to determine; (1) if the City is the proper lead agency for the entire proposed project; (2) if the City can legally process an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) outside of its jurisdiction in this particular case; and (3) if the City can pre-zone outside the City’s Sphere of Influence.

New LAPD Bomb Squad Facility Opens in Granada Hills

New LAPD Bomb Squad Facility Opens in Granada Hills

The new facility is LEED certified, meaning it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It was funded by Proposition Q, a $600 million Public Safety bond, which voters approved in 2002 to build and repair police facilities.

It includes a 120-person classroom with interactive computer stations, an explosives robot training arena, a vehicle storage bay, laboratory and other features.

It is located at the LAPD’s Edward Davis Training Facility on in Granada Hills, where the 5 and 405 freeways meet, providing the Bomb Squad excellent access to respond to calls across the Valley.

GHNNC Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC) obtained certification from the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) on September 10, 2002. After two years of discussing the NC system, our community decided it would be a great idea and would eventually be a very useful tool. We  held our first organizing meeting in June, 2001.  It was a long and arduous process and there were many community members who contributed hours upon hours of volunteer work to get every aspect of the expectations and procedures of BONC completed, organized and done properly.  We felt then and still feel that our community is special; therefore we took time to try and make it the most fair and best Neighborhood Council we could be.

There are many stakeholders and board members or former board members who should be thanked for being there from the very first organizing meeting and worked so incredibly hard; without them it wouldn’t have been able to happen. In alphabetical order, these people were the most instrumental in starting this brand new City branch of community-based government – they were either on the steering committee, quickly took over other committees, and helped get the word out to everyone within our boundaries and to other citywide NC’s.  Some of them got elected to the first board and others either still sit on the board or have stayed involved:  Wayne Aller, Teresa Anderson, Becky Bendikson, Dave Bendikson, Patrick Casparian, Greg Chaussee, Karen Chaussee, Mary Ellen Crosby, Rick Driscoll, Mary Edwards, Ginger Fong, Sid Gold, Michael Greenwald, David Hood, Harriet Hood, Wayde Hunter, Joshua Jordahl, Mary Anna Kienholz, Frank Kiesler, Vaune Kirby, Ralph Kroy, Scott Manatt, Sharon Manatt, Cherie Mann, Dave Parikh, Ben Pedrick, Bob Ricketts, Sheva, Susan Tipton, Kim Thompson, Joe Vitti, Nicole Wilkin, Donna Zero, Tony Zero, and Anne Ziliak in addition to all of the former and current board members.

At the BONC meeting on December 2, 2008, we were given our 5-year certificate from BONC (one year late). At the meeting, Leon Marzillier and Kim Thompson reported on Best Practices learned from other NC’s, what we feel we’ve done successfully and where we felt we were lacking. Some members and stakeholders were there during the meeting. Congratulations to everyone involved in GHNNC!

GHNNC accepting our award


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