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Billboard Working Group – volunteers wanted


Opportunity – Respond quickly if interested.
The Department of City Planning is looking for volunteers for a new billboard working group. The PLUM Committee has directed us to assemble this working group to address billboard and digital billboard issues, and in particular a potential new program that could allow a limited number of digital billboards in exchange for the removal of a greater number of existing traditional billboards, provision of specific community benefits, and/or revenue sharing with the City. The working group will be composed of stakeholders who represent the range of perspectives on these topics, and will meet three times over the next five weeks or so, at City Hall downtown (dates TBD). In order to enable fruitful discussions, the group will be limited to about 20 people. While we might not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to participate, we will make every effort to ensure that the group has a balanced range of viewpoints from throughout the City. Volunteers should contact Daisy Mo at [email protected] by this coming Wednesday, Feb. 6. Thank you!


Update on Digital Billboards in the City of L.A.

electronic-billboardThe LA City Council’s pending new sign ordinance will not outlaw digital signs. Despite the City’s ban on new billboards dating back to 2002, the City is in the process of approving a new ordinance that will allow new signs (including digital signs) in designated “sign districts” which are to be limited to commercial and industrial locations. The proposed ordinance passed out of the PLUM Committee this week and is heading for full City Council consideration. It will be very important to read any possible changes that might be proposed there, including efforts to circumvent the recent Appeals Court decision in the Summit Media case that ruled that the secret billboards settlements entered into by the City with Clear Channel and CBS were illegal. That ruling also stated that the approximately 100 digital billboards erected as a result of the secret settlements are to be removed. Clear Channel and CBS are both lobbying the City to allow those signs to remain.

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